Your store is evolving. Is your hiring software?

Joboodle is a recruiting software to help you attract & hire great employees with less effort
Interactive Dashboard

Save time, focus on business.

Custom Styling

Match your store's styling.

Fast Support

We are here for you.

Why Joboodle

Delightfully easy to use. Amazingly feature-rich.

Quick and easy onboarding

Whether you are hiring Employee #1 or #157, Joboodle's tools, know-how and support help you make the hires that make your business great.

It would be necessary to have uniform pronunciation.


Jobs added


People applied

Easily Customizabled

You can focus on your business, we do the rest.

No coding skills needed

Everything is automatically implemented into your store.


What makes Joboodle special?


Smooth posting of job offers

Easily create the most attractive job offers with customised design to inspire more potential hires to work with you.

Modern, user friendly dashboard interface

Format your job description with the rich text editor


Fast Support

Joboodle is easy to use, most of our users do not need our support to integrate the jobs board in their stores. However, we are always here for you if you need more features, customize existing ones...

< 12 hour response time

99% customer satisfaction rating


7 days for free, you can cancel anytime.


Neque quis est

$ $19/ Per month

Free Support

Unlimited Job offers

Format job description with rich text editor

Collect data


Frequently asked questions

General Questions

How can I implement jobs board in my store?

  1. Install the app
  2. Add new departments and jobs
  3. Create a new page in Shopify then add <div id="joboodle-jobs"></div> to the HTML section. (See video below)
  4. When viewing your page, you can see your jobs then people can apply to them. Congrats! 🎊
instructions video:
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